Indian Head Massage

Part of Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu system of massage, Indian head massage works on the shoulders, neck, scalp and face. This deeply relaxing treatment focuses on acupressure points to relieve stress and tension. It may help people who suffer with headaches, migraines, insomnia, tinnitus, vertigo and depression. Soothing essential oils may be added to the treatment to enhance the therapeutic effect.

What to expect: If you wear a loose fitting top, you will not have to remove any clothing to receive this massage. You will be asked to sit comfortably, with a towel around you to protect your clothes. If you prefer not to have oil on your face or in your hair, please let your therapist know. This massage plays havoc with carefully crafted hairstyles! Please bring a hairbrush, alice band, or whatever you need to look respectable on the way home.